Cereal Killer Café, Brick Lane

Cereal Killer Cafe

So this is never going to be everyone’s cup of tea; a café in Shoreditch from twins Alan and Gary Keary offering over 100 different types of cereals along with 20 various milks. They even sell Poptarts. But I have to say, it was rather fun.


It’s a cramped little spot where you order at the counter then frantically find somewhere to perch. With so much choice on offer, everyone (including us) takes forever to order hence the usual huge queues. We sat in the small dining room downstairs which was full of teenage girls which was just a bit weird; it felt like we were at some kind of sleepover.



I opted for a bowl of Lucky Charms with almond milk and my gentleman companion, like a man possessed, went for a mix of Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme and Kellogg’s Fruit Loops with bubblegum milk (bright blue of course). I won’t patronise you by describing what a bowl of cereal tastes like (the refreshing milk contrasted the crunchy cereal etc) but all I will say however, it was sweet. And totally ruddy delicious.


The idea sounds ridiculous but Cereal Killer Café was actually a lot of fun, and for under eight quid it was actually very good value for money. When they opened, a Channel 4 news presenter successfully got the reaction he wanted when he raised the fact they were selling £4 bowls of cereal in one of London’s poorest areas (watch the clip here), which seems like such a silly point. If we all took that stance then we’d never ever buy another skinny soya extra wet cappuccino from Starbucks again, just because it was in Deptford.

If you’re after a quick and cheap snack that’ll send your blood sugar levels into meltdown, then get in that queue and join the sleepover.


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