The best dishes of last week 09.11.15

1. Fried chicken from The Lockhart at the chef’s calendar launch – modelled here by Duck and Waffle’s Dan Doherty. The calendar, which can be bought here, features some of London’s hottest chefs (in both senses of the word) and all the proceeds go towards Action Against Hunger – a thoroughly worthy cause.

Fried chicken the Lockhart

2. A profiterole with a squeezy bottle of “exotic sauce”. A day trip out of London for me Mam’s birthday to Pennyhill Park saw a slightly disappointing afternoon tea (it all felt a bit garden centre cafe) but this sweet treat was a bit of all right.

Afternoon tea Pennyhill Park

3. Wazen replaces Den in Kings Cross (it’s by the same chaps) and these tempura prawns were utterly divine – I love a battered prawn. The sushi and sake is top notch too.

Tempura prawns Wazen

4. Picanha at Zelman Meats in Soho. It takes the place of Rex & Mariano, which is a real shame, but it’s certainly a worthy replacement. Served pink and sitting in a puddle of its own juices, the Picanha might be a cheaper cut of beef, but the flavour is spectacular.

Picanha Zelman Meats

5. XL Black Tiger Prawn and fries by Prawnography at the new Hawker House in Canada Water. Yeah, it’s a random location, but don’t let that put you off as this new street food arena is really rather good.

XL Prawn Hawker House

6. A plate of sandwiches at Cahoots in Kingly Court. Their new Squiffy Picnic, available on Sundays, gets you a whole host of nibbles and plenty of booze to keep you going, along with live music – it’s fun, fun, fun.

Cahoots Squiffy Picnic

7. A beef taco at Wahaca’s Day of the Dead party at Tobacco Docks. Revellers got dressed up to the nines, including Helena Bonham Carter, who made a special appearance, for this Mexican celebration of the dead.

Day of the Dead party Wahaca

What was the best dish you ate last week? Do let us know by commenting below…

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