The best things I ate last week 16.11.15

1. I was very kindly invited to a lunch at Sotheby’s private dining room hosted by restaurant PR royalty Maureen Mills. It finished with a popcorn and salted caramel tart which pretty much finished me off.

Popcorn tart Sotheby's

2. Some nuts and crackers at Duke’s, which helped soak up the martini this hotel bar is so famed for. Neat frozen Vermouth, Gin and a twist of lemon (that’s £18.50 please) – it is a sure fire way to wake up with a three day hangover. Worth it though.

Martini Duke's

3. A marinara pizza at the new Pizza Pilgrims on Exmouth Market. On their launch party even the local vicar popped in to bless the new oven. It’s a tiny space but a great addition to the area and this tomatoey pizza is my new favourite thing.

Pizza Pilgrims marinara pizza

4. It’s hard to pick a favourite dish from this new wine bar and restaurant from the chaps behind the Noble Rot wine magazine. Maybe that’s because the head chef is ex St John Bread and Wine and the exec chef is from the Sportsman in Kent. This turbot braised in 1998 Batard-Montrachet was astounding.

Turbot Noble Rot

5. Overpriced popcorn (salty and sweet naturally) at the IMAX while seeing the new James Bond film. The popcorn was the best bit – I thought the film was the biggest load of old tosh I’ve seen in yonks.

Popcorn IMAX

6. José Pizarro in Broadgate Circle now does a burger and it’s ruddy delightful. An Iberico pork patty topped with manchego cheese accompanied by fries and aioli – you can even get it to takeaway.

Jose Pizarro iberico pork burger

7. So Ben Spalding has left Aqua Shard but there are still traces of him on the menu. This salad of duck and chicken oysters, crispy skin, rosemary, sweet cashew nuts and smoked onion mayonnaise was certainly a melange of flavours but most pleasant.

Aqua Shard chicken and duck oysters

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