The best dishes of last week 18.04.16

1. It’s been quite a week for fine food and it kicked off with dinner at 50 Days by Albert Adria (you know, that bloke who used to cook at El Bulli in Spain.) A tasting menu like no other, some of it was weird, some of it was whacky, but it was all delicious. Particularly this rubia gallega (beef).

50 days by albert adria

2. Black Roe is a new pokē restaurant which replaces the less successful Bouillabaisse in Mayfair. Pokē, pronounced ‘poe-kay’ is essentially a bowl of rice topped with marinated fish. This yellowtail tuna and spicy garlic salsa was the stand out dish.


3. Equally vibrant was this toro tiradito from Sushisamba‘s mash up dinner with Lima. The night saw a tasting menu of hits from both restaurants with colours and flavours a plenty and some particularly good live pipe music.

toro tiradito

4. I was treated to lunch at Heston Blumenthal’s Perfectionists’ Cafe which is airside at Heathrow Terminal 2. Being the only airport restaurant in Europe to have a wood burning pizza oven, as you’d expect, the pizzas are lush, but it’s the fish and chips, with its batter aerated through a siphon, that is quite simply perfect.

fish and chips

5. To a pop up dinner organised by Nick Gilkinson called The Potlatch. This month’s chef was Edoardo Pellicano (currently sous chef at Portland) and he proved he’s quite the cook. This Blackface lamb with Roscoff onion puree was divine.

blackface lamb

6. To celebrate the sakura, or cherry blossom, Japanese stalwart Sake no Hana is offering a special menu. 35 squid gets you a cocktail, miso soup, cherry pud and this glass case bento box.

bento box

7. A day trip to Essex and the stunning grounds of Down Hall. Matthew Hill has taken the reins of the kitchen and is producing some crackers like this Cornish crab with cucumber, mango and watermelon.


Noticed my pics are a little less crap than usual? That’s because I’m using the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Don’t panic, they didn’t pay me to say that, but they have loaned me one for a couple of weeks to compare it to my beloved iPhone 6s and the camera is MILES better.

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