Paco Tapas, Bristol

The menu at Paco Tapas, a small tapas bar on the Harbourside in Bristol, is one that makes you want to order the lot. It’s unsurprising really as it’s a restaurant from the Sanchez Brothers (named after their father, Paco) who own Casamia next door.

This is more a rough and ready affair with stool seats and high tables in a small space playing loud music. It’s cool but not imposing.

Tortilla Española (£7.50) is a must order in any tapas joint – it’s a good gauge if the kitchen know what they’re doing. Once cut open, this one oozes out its eggy contents. It’s the best bloomin’ tortilla I’m yet to come across.

Croquetas are another one; order these every time and you’ll know if the kitchen can cook or not. Here, they’re crisp fried, creamy as anything and stuffed full of jamon (£3.25 each). You’ll struggle to find better. Sorry José and Barrafina.

Gambas Al Ajillo (£13.50) sees two giant prawns, black from the charcoal grill, with the most exquisite soft, sweet flesh. We burn our fingers taking the shells off as we can’t wait to get in. We suck on the head to get every last drop of that funky prawn flavour. Sucking prawn heads is the best bit FYI.

Presa Iberica (£11) showcases the kitchen’s skill at grilling meat to perfection. The chunks of pig have a smoky char with a pink centre all generously seasoned with sea salt. This is the food I love to eat.

Duroc pork ribs (£6 for two) are pure fat; heavenly, delightful, gorgeous, sexy fat. Equally fatty is a rack of lamb (£12). The meat is so vibrantly pink it looks raw yet it just melts away as you eat it.

Even the grilled asparagus (£12) comes draped in smoked pancetta. It’s basically ribbons of pure pig fat. Need I say more?

You might have guessed that I fell in love with the food at Paco Tapas. I don’t know where you live but I’d thoroughly recommend making your way to Bristol tomorrow and eating here, i’s a very special place indeed.

Would we go back? YASSSSSSS