We’re in Amsterdam for a few days, staying at the new Soho House, which comes highly recommended. (You don’t need to be a member to stay there FY)I. A pleasant 20 minute stroll away is SUSHISAMBA.

We start with a Smoked Plum Negroni and green bean tempura with black truffle aioli (£8) out on the terrace. We’re right by the canal watching the peddle boat go by and it’s a gorgeous spot.

Inside, there are windows galore so you’re flooded with natural light. There’s a tall ceiling, a sushi counter in the middle and the signature orange SUSHISAMBA tree. It’s an attractive setup.

The menu is similar to London; vast and filled with things you want to eat. Sushi comes in a giant bowl which is quite the spectacle. Nigiri topped with toro (the fattiest of tuna bellies), yellowtail and steamed shrimp are exquisite.

Black cod (£39) comes with sweetcorn, maiz morada (that’s purple corn), polenta and ‘Sunday roast jus’. It’s an explosion of all that’s good in the world; sweet, sticky, salty, rich.

Yellowtail tiradito (£14) sees slices of fresh, tender fish topped with jalapeño and spicy lemongrass sauce. It’s a fiery little number. More of that yellowtail comes in crispy taquitos, this time cubed, with avocado and roasted corn miso (£15).

Lamb chops from the Robata grill (£24) are less successful. They’ve been pre-sliced which is a shame as they’re overcooked so have gone dry. Flavour is punchy at least; the sauce is like chocolate.

Wagyu gyoza (£14) are sweet and delicate; the fat from that meat dribbles down my chin as the delicate parcels burst in my mouth.

More ordinary but no less delicious is shrimp tempura (£15). The prawns impressively retain their crunch while being drenched in spicy mayo and black truffle vinaigrette.

I’ve been to the SUSHISAMBA in London’s Heron Tower a few times now and have never had a bad meal. It’s good to see the same level of exciting and colourful cooking and friendly, unpretentious service in Amsterdam too.

Would we go back? Yes
We dined as guests of the restaurant