Gloria, Shoreditch

Big Mamma Group is a collection of fun, Italian restaurants across Paris and Lilles, which have proved rather popular. Their latest venture is Gloria, a trattoria in Shoreditch, based on 1970s Capri. I like it already.

Inside it’s stunning with something pretty at every turn. We sink into the thousands of cushions in our booth, admiring the specially designed crockery, from the candle holder to the plates. There’s serious attention to detail.

The menu is vast. It all sounds lush. We start with burrata cremosa (£12), an exquisite ball of creamy cheese, and smoked stracciatella (£7) which is just the burrata’s gooey innards served in an ice cream dish.

A plate of San Daniele ham (£8) is salty enough to cut through the richness of the cheese. They really are sourcing some of Italy’s finest ingredients. A deep fried artichoke (£8), all oily and sticky, comes with a cacio & pepe sauce. HEAVEN.

‘Gloria’s Pasta Al Tartufo’ (£18) is a hearty number served in its cooking pan. It’s mafalda pasta (that’s the strips with the wiggly edge) which the earthy truffle sauce clings to like a dream.

The ‘Regina Instagram’ pizza (£16) – shrug emoji – is topped with tuscan ham, mozzarella di bufala and thin slices of raw button mushrooms. The blistered crust has ballooned creating light and fluffy waves of dough. It’s pizza perfection.

Cocktails blend silly glasses (a booby jug anyone?) with downright delicious drinks. Our favourite is a Pina Colada with Wray & Nephew (£9) which comes in a giant ceramic head which a passion fruit skin filled with flaming booze. It’s so Gloria.

Generosity is the thing with desserts. Our waiter pours a pan of warm, dark chocolate sauce over the huge profiterole (£8). He tells us to “say when”. I nearly don’t at all. Lemon pie (£6) is a whooper, with a 5.9-inch meringue layer, says the menu. A must order.

The whole Gloria experience is over the top but at it’s core is flavour and comfort and hospitality. The all-Italian staff ensure everyone is having a nice time. Throw in a soundtrack that has you Shazam’ing every other tune and you’re in for a treat.

Would we go back? Yaaaassss
We dined as guests of the restaurant