My obsession for eating in restaurants originated from the fact that my Mum was (and still is) a horrendous cook. I still maintain that her ‘Mince Casserole’ tastes and looks like oily dirty dishwater. Therefore, and luckily for me, my childhood consisted of having a lot of evening meals in local pubs and restaurants where I lived in Hampshire. Family run places full of locals serving hearty and not always successful food seemed to be the thing round there.

My first visit to a decent restaurant in London was aged nine when my parents took me to Quaglino’s in Mayfair. I thought it was well posh! I loved the atmosphere, the high level of service and finally some refined cooking. From here on in I got the buzz for ‘fancy’ restaurants.

Cut to now, I’m 29, living in London and for over four years have been ticking restaurants off my never-ending list with the help of my gentleman companion.

This website is the outlet for my love of restaurants. There’ll be regular reviews of London’s latest openings, along with some much loved forgotten gems, interviews with the chefs and restaurateurs who have created them, and plenty more to whet your appetite.