Last year a restaurant called Meatliquor provided me with my first ever “dirty burger”. I remember it being greasy, drippy and messy to eat but above all it was ruddy delicious. Since then my burger obsession has taken me to Slider Bar, Burger Breakout, Honest Burger, Burger & Shake, Tommi’s Burger Joint, Patty&Bun, Burger & Lobster, BRGR.CO and Dirty Burger and I’m still not bored! When … Continue reading Meatmission

Burger & Shake

So what happens if you’re near Russell Square and you desperately need a burger but don’t want to travel into town and then queue for a few hours? Well, panic not little ones as Burger & Shake has opened and it’s just a short walk from Russell Square tube station. It’s a small, simple but pretty restaurant with booth seating on the right and close … Continue reading Burger & Shake


Having recently experienced near burger perfection at Patty&Bun I thought I’d give newly opened BRGR.CO a go. It’s in a pretty good spot right in the heart of Wardour Street in Soho and as I walked in and smelt the waft of smokey grilled beef, things were looking positive. Sadly however it went downhill from there. The first of two small dining rooms had an … Continue reading BRGR.CO


After a string of successful pop ups Patty&Bun has found itself a permanent home in James Street just round the corner from Selfridges. Being only a stones throw away from Meat Liquor and Tommi’s Burger Joint, this is the area you need to visit to get your burger fix. The restaurant is only small, seating around 30 and has a very simple appearance. With wooden … Continue reading Patty&Bun

Honest Burgers Soho

Honest Burgers have bravely ventured out from Brixton and opened their second restaurant in Mead Street in Soho (a 15 second walk from Burger and Lobster) and adds to London’s ever growing burger scene. You could easily walk past this restaurant as the outside is very plain – as is the interior. White walls with wooden tables and chairs didn’t make us want to spend … Continue reading Honest Burgers Soho

Dirty Burger, Kentish Town

Come out of Kentish Town tube station, turn right, walk for 6 1/2 minutes and tucked behind Pizza East in the rather unlikely setting of a car park you’ll find Dirty Burger. It’s the latest offering to burger ridden London from the Soho House Group. There’s nothing unique here but they serve burgers and everyone loves burgers don’t they! The entrance was nestled under a … Continue reading Dirty Burger, Kentish Town

Tommi’s Burger Joint

Say the word Iceland and the first thing that springs to mind is Kerry Katona endorsed frozen party platters for 34p. A trendy burger restaurant is definitely not the first thing you think of – but that is about to change. The king of Icelandic burgers Tomas Tomasson (he’s the slightly crazy looking guy in the picture) has opened up Tommi’s Burger Joint on Marylebone … Continue reading Tommi’s Burger Joint


Having been to Meatliquor and loving their heart attack inducing, grease laden burgers, my gentleman companion and I couldn’t resist going to their new venture Meatmarket. With views over the rather run-down Jubilee Market Hall in Covent Garden, this place is rather difficult to find. It’s more of a diner than a restaurant and the whole place feels like it could do with a good … Continue reading Meatmarket