Yamagoya, SE1

Looking at the Yamagoya website you’ll see photos of the first shack being put together in Fukuoka, Japan back in 1969. Founder, Mr. Ogata proudly poses with a bowl of steaming hot ramen. There’s history and heritage. Walking in to their first London ramen shop (after a successful pop up above Shuang Shuang) none of that heritage is present. It feels like a well polished … Continue reading Yamagoya, SE1

Kanada-Ya, St Giles High Street 

Based near Tottenham Court Road, opposite what was once Jamie Oliver’s Union Jacks (before it unsurprisingly closed), Kanada-Ya is a tiny little restaurant which specialises in ramen. They’ve got an outpost in Hong Kong and Japan so you’d expect them to know what they’re doing – and they really do. Whenever I walk past there always seems to be a huge queue and on our … Continue reading Kanada-Ya, St Giles High Street 

Bone Daddies

My first ever taste of the Japanese noodle broth called ramen was at Tonkotsu and what a way to lose my ramen virginity – I loved it! Since then London has become rather obsessed with the stuff and its popularity has rocketed, meaning ramen bars are opening left right and centre. Somewhere that always seems to have a queue outside is Bone Daddies so my … Continue reading Bone Daddies

Tonkotsu, Soho

Based on Dean Street in Soho, Tonkotsu specialises in one thing – ramen. I’ll be honest, I’d never had a ramen before and if you haven’t either – it’s a traditional Japanese noodle soup made with stock from animal bones and vegetables then topped with a variety of ingredients. I’ve been reluctant to order one before because I thought it would be greasy and watery … Continue reading Tonkotsu, Soho