John Salt with Neil Rankin

Two months ago I had dinner at John Salt on Upper Street in Islington. It’s a neighbourhood bar and restaurant which was home to Ben Spalding for a 6 month residency and I thought it was rather bloomin’ lovely. After hearing the news that Ben and John Salt had sadly parted ways four months early (meaning I wouldn’t be able to return and try his … Continue reading John Salt with Neil Rankin

Chicken Shop

If you like chicken, then you had better take a trip to Chicken Shop – Soho House Group’s latest offering in Kentish Town. It’s in the same building as Dirty Burger and Pizza East (also owned by SHG) but we found the entrance to Chicken Shop quite hard to find. An open door leading to a staircase with no signage meant we walked past it … Continue reading Chicken Shop

The Gilbert Scott

Fancy a Wikipedia history lesson? Well, in 1865 the Midland Railway Company held a competition to design a 150-bed hotel to be constructed next to its railway station, St Pancras. Eleven designs were submitted, including one by George Gilbert Scott, which at 300 rooms was much bigger and costlier than the original specifications. The hotel was upscale and expensive with costly fixtures including a grand … Continue reading The Gilbert Scott

Dirty Burger, Kentish Town

Come out of Kentish Town tube station, turn right, walk for 6 1/2 minutes and tucked behind Pizza East in the rather unlikely setting of a car park you’ll find Dirty Burger. It’s the latest offering to burger ridden London from the Soho House Group. There’s nothing unique here but they serve burgers and everyone loves burgers don’t they! The entrance was nestled under a … Continue reading Dirty Burger, Kentish Town